Morph is a living Internet organism that tries to merge the senses of human and digital life. It is both a parasite and a paradox, an identical clone and a unique individual. It is exemplary information obtained through the collection and transmission of data, constantly learning from the online environment. It is a work that lives on the computer and learns only from its digital environment. This work is a living simulation, a virtual laboratory inhabited by another kind of life, whose body, mind and personality can develop and change on its own, responding and learning from a constant flow of information. The project uses the latest artificial intelligence systems. With their help, Morph was given an artificial personality, including self-learned movements, text comprehension, and a sense of environment. Its personality is directly linked to the TikTok platform in real-time user-generated textual information, on which Morph's personality and behavior depend.

Video: Live broadcast clip excerpt


Programming: Pavel Volgin, Egidijus Bachur

3D modeling: Giedrius Sakalys

3D model skeletal system developer: Nojus Kalinauskas

“After the Pandemic Circumstances Suspended the Processes of the Contemporary Art Stage”, “Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Art Creators Union” (LTMKS) 2020 in the autumn, invited members to submit proposals for the creation of new works of video, audio, text and online art. Ignas Pavliukevičius is one of the four developers who received these scholarships for the development and production of new projects and selected the LTMKS Council. "Recipients of other scholarships" - Lina Albrikienė, Jurgita Juodytė, Žygimantas Kudirka. Presentations of all works are available at

The organizer is the Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Art Union

The project is funded by the Lithuanian Culture Council