waterproof heart

Technological innovation is leading artificial intelligence into a more accurate representation of the human mind, emotions and physical appearance. The momentous questions are how do automatisation and digitalisation shape the meaning of what it takes for someone or something to be a human. Can digital beings elicit empathy and when are humans going to decide how they feel about digital beings?

concept and design: ignas pavliukevicius

code: luke pierson
sound: jakob schlotter

Thanks to:ivan cuic, maarten keus


Waterproof heart

The work “Water proof heart” consists of a projection on the wall in which a 3D character is given artificial emotional intelligence, a sense of sight and embodiment of human emotional expressions. The system allows the character to scan visitors’ facial expressions and evolve during the course of a simulation based on interactions and events in the world around. The character is able to remember emotions felt during the simulation and mature accordingly, making the work infinitely mutating and never finished.

I am too sad to tell you 2017

The artist presents his works in combination with “I am too sad to tell you 2017” a virtual reality experience. In which he himself embodies his own digital avatar using this medium as an outlet for reconnecting with his emotions that has been repressed as he became an adult. The work was created In homage to Bas Jan Ader work I am too sad to tell you, 1970.


Also included is a work “Narcissus”, a digital reflection in water which has been manipulated by the artist using motion capture device with a facial recognition technology. Allowing to mimic facial expressions close to realistic simulation but still with evident technical defects. The text used in this work has been created by Google’s artificial intelligence.

3D printed tissue box

Within digital works is a 3D printed tissue box, which is one of the research results to a question in what means technology could embody emotion and how people could relate to a digital being?