Standing waves

Every living being on our planet is surrounded by an electrical field – whether generated by the organism itself, exuded by electromagnetic fields of man-made devices or stemming from extra-terrestrial sources, such as the outer space. All of them interact with each other in the form of various signals, connecting everything living and dead. Humans also generate and project a field of energy – a very low-frequency electromagnetic field – even if its signal is very weak. The human electromagnetic field fluctuates depending on its unique state, and these changes can be captured. It allows to capture in real-time the changing human energetic field and turn these changes into sound, thus allowing a nearby person to feel the changes of energy in their own body and each of its cells. The work is located in the natural surroundings of Lentvaris, in the migrating island of Graužis lake, distanced from all artificially created electromagnetic fields.

This work investigates two cities – Švenčionėliai, where Ignas Pavliukevičius, the artist, was born and grew up; and Lentvaris, where he eventually moved to live. These two cities are connected through a shared history: two identical stations were built in them, giving the start to more rapid development of cities and their industrialisation. For Ignas, these two cities work as a critical space for investigating the symbol of masculinity and working class identity in postindustrial Lithuania, the forming of which was shaped by the rapidly developing industrialization of cities.

Work is partially financed by the Lithuanian Council for Culture.


Sound design - Jonas Jurkūnas
Choreography - Denisas Kolomyckis